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Open Space Development

Fordham Bedford sponsors two neighborhood parks to help meet the demand for open space in a community where outdoor recreational areas are sparse.  In 2007, we completed the construction of Liza Torres-Saez Children’s Park at 2600 Briggs Avenue, and in 2004, Frances Sullivan Park at 2662 Decatur Avenue.

The parks feature environmentally friendly elements that contribute to a healthier community.  Both have rainwater harvesting systems that irrigate the shrubs, trees, and seasonal flowers on the properties.  In addition, the rubber playground safety surfaces are porous to reduce stormwater runoff.

Both parks are adjacent to buildings managed by FBHC providing a convenient play space for our tenants and other neighborhood residents.  In the summer, our sister organization Fordham Bedford Children’s Services runs programming at both parks for local youth.  For information regarding park hours, visit FBCS's site.