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At Fordham Bedford, we have separate departments that contribute to our mission and help successfully administer our portfolio.

  • The Accounting Department manages the financing for our portfolio.
  • The Administrative Staff runs the front office of our building: answering telephones, managing mail, and assisting visitors.
  • The Department of Construction & Development researches our organization’s future endeavors, as well as oversees current construction projects.  They assist in the creative, financial, and leasing elements of our buildings and parks.  This entails the researching, proposing, and brokering of deals that finance our projects and buildings.
  • The Executive Department consists of the Executive Director and the Deputy Executive Director who are the CEO and COO, respectively.  It also consists of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors which includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  They develop and implement the policies and activities carried out by the organization to meet our corporate mission and objectives.
  • The Leasing Department assists interested applicants in finding apartments.  It is responsible for ensuring that we are in compliance with regulatory agreements and other requirements set by funding partners.
  • The Maintenance Department receives and responds to requests from our tenants concerning appliances and general conditions of individual apartments in our residential buildings.
  • The Management Department provides direct oversight to our multiple properties.  With over 95 buildings, the properties are divided among management staff so that each building receives the attention it needs.
  • The Support Staff is comprised of college students from local institutions that assist multiple departments.