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"Ursulines' Convent Reopens as 'Green' Housing for Seniors" posted May 18, 2011 in Catholic New York.

"Senior Housing Opens Amid Fanfare in Bedford Park" posted May 13, 2011 in the New York Post.

"Affordable Seniors Housing Meets Green Certification in the Bronx" posted May 9, 2011 in Multi-Housing News.

"New Green Affordable Project" posted May 6, 2011 in

"Affordable Green Housing Opens in the Bronx" posted May 4, 2011 in

"New Bedford Park Housing Complex is a Bridge for Young and Old" posted May 4, 2011 in

"Green Housing for Seniors Opens on Bronx Convent Land" posted May 2, 2011 in

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"Some Hope Amid Housing Crisis" posted May 6, 2011 in Norwood News.

"Many Buildings Hit Hard by Real Estate Crash, but a Green Project Thrives" posted May, 5, 2011 in the Daily News.

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